How to respec your characters in Gears Tactics

Change it up.

Gears Tactics
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As you play through Gear Tactics, your characters will earn skill points, allowing them access to a range of skills and abilities. Ideally, you will be able to pick the best skills for the job and build characters in ways that emphasize their strengths while shoring up their weaknesses.

Sometimes, mistakes are made, and you may want to reset a character’s skills. You can do this in Gears Tactics, but it works a little differently to many other games that allow you to respec a character.

While any of your characters in the game can have their skills reset, doing so involves a pretty rare resource. You cannot just pay a certain amount of currency or resources and do it over and over again.

To respec your characters, you will need Skill Reset Tokens, and these are earned while you play through the campaign. There is no other way to get them, so all you can do is play through the campaign until you hit the point where you earn one of them. When you do earn one, a message will pop up on the screen, and you will need to confirm it, so you should never miss the fact that you have just earned one.

When you do want to reset a character’s skills, you will need to head to the Barracks tab, and select the character you wish to reset. Hit F2 when examining their skill tree, and you will need to confirm that you want to reset their skills. All skill points will be returned, and you will be able to rebuild the character how you see fit.

If you want to check how many Skill Reset Token you have, you can find it beside your name in the Barrack’s screen as a yellow number on the left side of your name.