How to upgrade weapons and armor in Gears Tactics

Divide up the loot.

Gears Tactics
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One of the ways that you can make your squad in Gears Tactics more powerful is by upgrading their weapons and armor. While you are playing through the game’s various missions and levels, you should fully explore the maps and search for cases.

Cases can be found all over the game, and contain different upgrade weapons and armor that you can equip on your units.

  • Blue cases – rare items
  • Purple cases – epic items

Whenever you see a case, you will need to move one of your units to it to pick it up, and if you make it through the mission, you can then claim your new prize at the end. The new items will be added to your inventory and can be equipped on your characters.

Go the Barracks tab, then select the character you wish to upgrade. Click on the item you wish to replace, and all the available options will pop up, allowing you to put the new item in their loadout.

Make sure you carefully read the effects of the new weapon or armor piece before you decide who gets it. There is no point giving something that will buff health and toughness to a character that you have been using for long-range engagements, and who rarely takes damage.

If you feel like you have made some mistakes with a character’s build, or wish to respec them to better take advantage of an item you have found, then you can do so. There is a limit to how many times you can do it, however, so be sure you know what you want to do before proceeding.