How to salvage parts in Rocket League Sideswipe

Trade in your unused cosmetics for some sweet coin.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With SP coins being the key to purchasing Rocket League Sideswipe’s hot ticket items, players will need a fast method to obtain these by the minute. Although it may seem impossible, unused car parts can be exchanged, or salvaged, for this in-game currency in just a matter of seconds. This process can reward SP coins ranging in the tens to even the hundreds — but the game never truly explains how this works. 

To begin salvaging parts, head into the Garage tab in the main menu. You will need to be connected to the internet and logged into an Epic Games account to access this. Once that is out of the way, head into the inventory menu by tapping on any of your owned cars and choose which item you’d like to exchange by pressing the white info symbol near it (as shown below). A menu should then pop-up with the amount of SP coins you’ll get in return for salvaging. If the number is to your liking, click on it to perform the exchange.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The amount you can earn back is entirely dependent on the rarity of the car part. From our experience, it appears that each rarity’s salvage value is nearly 100 SP coins higher than the rarity below it. For instance, Common items are most likely to net you less than 100 SP coins, as Uncommon items will be less than 200 SP coins, and so forth.

However, there are some exceptions to this. For one, any item obtained from the Rocket Pass that did not come from a present cannot be salvaged — no matter its rarity. Additionally, profile avatars can also be salvaged, but the value is dramatically less than what you’d receive from any other item.

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