How to set up cross-progression saves in Diablo Immortal

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Diablo Immortal received quite a bit of flack when it was announced as a mobile-only title. The messaging was made to the wrong crowd of people and ended up with the game being heavily scrutinized for a long time. Luckily for Diablo fans, the game has a PC port that is completely compatible with its original phone version, even allowing you to take your progression between both areas. Here is how to set up cross-progression saves between both platforms for Diablo Immortal.

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Steps to set up cross-progression saves in Diablo Immortal

To set up your Diablo Immortal to utilize its cross-save functionality, you will need to sign in to your account. This will automatically be done on PC because you have to play the game through the launcher.

On phone, you will need to start up the game and make it to the title screen. Before hitting Tap to Play, look in the top left corner of the screen — If the box there says that a guest is playing, click it to open up a browser. You will be asked to sign in to your account, so be sure to use whatever email and password you use on your PC. Confirm your information and give the game a few seconds to link your accounts when signed in.

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When you sign in on either platform, you will automatically pick up where you left off with your characters. Just give the game a few seconds to log in to your account every time you start it. If you ever want to switch accounts on mobile, tap the box that you did earlier to get to the sign-in area and log out.