How to show hitboxes in Minecraft

Think outside the blocks: Hitbox your way through!


Image via Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a game loved by many, and one of its most appealing features is the ability to explore a vast, open world with endless possibilities. However, sometimes you may want to go beyond exploring and start customizing your world. One way to do this is by showing hitboxes, which are the invisible boxes that surround each block or entity in Minecraft. In this guide, we will tell you how to show hitboxes in Minecraft.

How to enable hitboxes in Minecraft

Screenshot by Gamepur

To begin, it is important to note that there are different types of hitboxes in Minecraft, each with its own purpose. The two main hitboxes are the block hitbox and the entity hitbox. The block hitbox is the invisible box that surrounds each block in the game, while the entity hitbox is the invisible box that surrounds each entity, including players, mobs, and items.

To show hitboxes in Minecraft, press F3 and B together. This will show you a debug log at the bottom left of the screen saying the hitbox is shown. If you cannot get the message, first press F3 to open the debug menu and then F3 and B together, and it should work.

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Once you enable hitboxes for everything, the hitboxes for all blocks and entities in the game will be visible. This can be a useful tool for players who want to get a better understanding of the game’s mechanics, as it allows them to see exactly where each block and entity is located in the game world.

It is important to note that showing hitboxes in Minecraft can be a resource-intensive process, and it may cause the game to lag or slow down. If you are on an older or less powerful computer, you may experience performance issues while using this feature.