How to skip the Drogyga boss fight in Metroid Dread

Learn how to swim right past Burenia’s tentacled boss.

Screenshot via Metroid Wiki

Believe it or not, you can bypass quite a lot of Metroid Dread if you play your cards right – boss fights included. It’s possible to insta-kill Kraid and Experiment Z-57, and you can even outright skip the first EMMI. The same goes for the Drogyga boss fight in Burenia. By utilizing a particular (and seemingly intentional) glitch, you can avoid dropping into the dunk tank with the tentacled sea monster altogether. Here’s how.

Step one, go to the spot marked in the screenshot below. You can access this area after visiting Ferenia and meeting Quiet Robe – the Chozo will open up a special path back in Burenia. Return and make your way up the right side of the blue machine, roll through the Morph Ball tunnel, and continue making your way up and to the right. Stop when your each the Energy Recharge Station.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll see an explosive rock on the other side of the wall that’s too far to shoot – or so it seems. By using the same glitch that makes the first EMMI skip possible, you can actually destroy that rock from this side. Here’s how it works: by sliding, jumping, and firing in rapid succession, it’s actually possible to send your shots through walls. You won’t see the shot travel through, but it is doing exactly that. You want to jump into the corner under the red rock and fire up at it. Make it a charged Diffusion Beam shot, as this enables its explosive aftershock to reach the rock. Do this enough times to explode it, and the path will open, enabling you to skip Drogyga. Normally, you’d be dumped out of its boss arena and make your way to the other side of the rock you just detonated.

Alternatively, you can shoot the rock through the wall from the same level as the Energy Recharge Station. Instead of jumping, you want to slide into the wall, quickly snap the joystick right then left, and fire. The same principle applies here: your shot can travel through the wall and hit the explosive rock. Just make sure to aim slightly downward and use a charged Diffusion Beam shot. Either of these methods will open up the way, saving you a bit of time. Onward to the elevator to Ghavoran!