How to slice a dangling dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy

They don’t make them ready-dangling.

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A dugbog is a large lizard-like beast encountered in Hogwarts Legacy, and found mostly in wet areas such as bogs, marshes, and the shores of lakes. These aren’t the kinds of beasts you can tuck into your nab-sack and take home with you for some feeding and brushing and all-round displaying of inter-species affection. No, these are smelly and scaley and ugly and, most importantly of all, hostile. They’ll try and eat anything with a pulse, and that includes you. So, whenever you meet a dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s time to put away that beast petting brush, and bust out some combat magic.

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There are also several Dueling Feats in Hogwarts Legacy that are specific to duels with dugbogs. One of the trickiest among these Dueling Feats is the task of slicing a dangling dugbog. This one requires two spells. First, one to make the dugbog dangle, then one to slice it.

How to complete the Slice a dangling dugbog Dueling Feat

To make a dugbog dangle, and therefore create a dangling dugbog for you to then slice, you need to use the Levioso spell. You get this one very early on, and you’re highly unlikely to meet any dugbogs until after you’ve learned it. Unfortunately, Levioda cannot penetrate a dugbog’s thick, scaly skin, so if you just cast Levioso at one willy-nilly, nothing will happen.

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The only part of a dugbog that is vulnerable to Levioso is its tongue, and it only exposes its tongue when it opens its mouth, and it only opens its mouth when it attacks. So, wait for that tell-tale red marker to indicate that the dugbog is about to attack then, instead of rolling out of the way, quickly cast Levioso to levitate the dugbog by its tongue. You’ve now got yourself a dangling dugbog.

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To slice your dangling dugbog, you have to use the Diffindo spell, which is quite a lot more advanced than Levioso. You learn Diffindo by completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2, which is a potion class assignment.