How to slow combatants in Destiny 2

Speed limits.

Destiny 2

One of the new types of quests that has been introduced in Destiny 2 is called Umbral Quests. These are handed out by the Exo Stanger when you have completed the Beyond Light campaign and the Aspect of Control missions that take place after it.

One of them is called Umbral Flames, which is a Vanguard Umbral quest and is finished in Strikes. One of the steps you will need to complete is to defeat slowed combatants. This is a pretty new concept to most Guardians, and you will need to go through various steps to get it.

You will actually need a special type of grenade that you can only get from a specific Aspect, called the Duskfield Grenade. This Grenade will cause a sphere to form that slows everything trapped within it, slowly damaging it.

To get this particular grenade mod for your class, you will need to complete the Born in Darkness Part 2 quest, once again for the Exo Stranger. You get access to these directly after completing the main Beyond Light story. You will be able to speak to the Exo Stranger and start them whenever you wish. There is a rub, however. You’ll need to finish another Exotic Quest for the Drifter to be able to complete the first Born to Darkness quest. We know, it’s complicated, so here it is in order.

Go into your Stasis subclass and equip it as your Grenade, and you will be good to go.