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How to solve Purification System puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

Purify your surroundings.

There are plenty of items for you to interact with in Tower of Fantasy. These items range from everything involving hidden paths and puzzles to complex machinery. One of the many types of machinery that you can find throughout the Miasmic Swamp is Purification Systems. These strange-looking capsules are needed if you want to fully experience everything the Miasmic Swamp has to offer. This guide will show you how to solve Purification System puzzles in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to use Purification Systems in Tower of Fantasy

Purification Systems are one of the many objects that were added with the Miasmic Swamp update. These devices look like yellow capsules with a root inside of them and often appear near areas where there is poison present in the swamp. This is because they are needed to prevent yourself from getting killed by the poison emitted by the Titan Konjac roots sprinkled throughout the swamp.

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When you come across one of these machines, you will notice that there are three spinning rings in the center of the lower half of the machine. Each of the rings needs to be stopped so that the yellow marker on it aligns with the yellow markers above and below the rings. To stop the rings, you simply need to hit the machine. The rings will stop from bottom to top. If you hit the ring at the wrong time, it will stop and then start back up again after a short period of time.

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Once all of the rings have been stopped in the correct area, the yellow glow of the device will change to green. Interacting with a Purification System after it has been activated will cause it to emit gas in the surrounding area. Standing in the gas will grant you immunity to the poison so that you can obtain some Revelation Seeds. The gas only remains effective for a short time. Stepping away from the machine will cause your immunity to disappear after about 30 seconds.

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