How to solve Mystic Locks in Forspoken

Simple yet challenging.

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Forspoken is filled with side activities for you to take part in from diving deep into underground ruins to discovering secrets locked away in chests and houses. When an item is really worth getting your hands on, it is typically locked behind a Mystic Lock. These locks appear as ornate decorations on a door or chest and require some intelligence, or a lot of maneuvers, to unlock. This guide will show you how to solve Mystic Locks in Forspoken.

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What are Mystic Locks and how to unlock them in Forspoken

Mystic Locks are exactly what they sound like; puzzles. They bar you out of homes and chests that hold valuable items such as Feathers, Old Coins, and sometimes gear. When you spot these puzzles, they appear to be gold plaques. After interacting with them, they open up to reveal a pattern that is mixed up on different sliding panels. There is no guaranteed area to find these locks as they can appear on any chest or in any of the towns around Athia.

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The key to solving these puzzles is to move the panels around the board until the pathway connects into one solid line. When this happens, the pattern will light up green or blue and allow you to unlock it. Once the puzzle has started, you must move the panels in whichever direction is available. Sometimes only one panel will move, if multiple are free, they will all move in the direction you choose.

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While the premise of these puzzles is fairly simple, they appear with different difficulty levels and can sometimes be very hard to complete. If you mess up a puzzle, you are able to retry it as many times as you like by pressing the button shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. In the event that you cannot solve a puzzle, you can always come back to it later or spend Mana to auto-unlock it.