How to summon Daivadipa, Devout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa FATE in Final Fantasy XIV

How do you get Daivadipa to spawn?

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If you’re looking to activate Daivadipa, one of the world bosses in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion, you’ll need to work your way through a good amount of the content to have a chance to encounter it. For those searching to acquire Daivadipa, you need to participate in the specific FATE, Devout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa, to have a chance at this. In this guide, we’re going to share how you summon Daivadipa and activate the Devout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa FATE in Final Fantasy XIV.

Before you work on trying to summon Daivadipa, you’ll want to make sure you’ve made your way through the Endwalker expansion and completed all of the Main Scenario quests, reaching level 90. After that, return to Thavnair and locate all of the Aether Currents in the location, along with the quests, and unlock the flying mount.

With all of that taken care of, your next step is to complete two specific FATEs in the Thavnair region. First, you need to find complete Devout Pilgrims vs. the Jungle Lizards and Devout Pilgrims vs. the Apalala FATEs. These can randomly trigger while completing other FATEs in the region. When you complete those, there’s a chance for the Devout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa FATE to appear. If it does, Daivadipa will appear at the location, which you can only reach with a flying mount at coordinates (X:9.0, Y:37.0).

The downside to waiting for Daivadipa to trigger is that it might be on cooldown. You can view your server’s cooldown timer using Faloop to have a rough idea of when you can next try farming for Daivadipa for Daivadipa Beads.