How to Quickly Build up Combos in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Optional goals, style, and focus all rely on building up combos quickly in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but players need to concentrate.


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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has many systems and mechanics to master. One of the best is the optional objectives like getting certain combos in Crimes around the city.

However, these objectives are often pretty tricky to pull off because most of us land at a Crime and start swinging fists. It can make completing those objectives tough unless players pause and leave themselves open. One of the trickiest objectives is getting a specific number of combos, changing depending on the group of enemies. Here are some tips to quickly build up your combos in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 while in combat.

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How to Build up Combos Fast in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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To quickly build up combos in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players need to master the art of quick combat. It requires them to enter combat and start hitting every enemy they can with everything they have. A great way to rack up some early combo points is with a gadget that can hit two to four enemies right off the bat. This is also the best opportunity to use Photo Mode to capture that awesome new Suit in action.

After getting that initial burst in, it’s up to the player to focus on beating up enemies and dodging or parrying at the right moments. This is where the game becomes a bit of a dance, but it’s easily manageable if they pay attention to each character’s Spider-Sense. As soon as it goes red, players should hit the dodge button because it’ll immobilize an enemy and retain the combo score.

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As players build up their combo, they’ll unlock Finishers, which will stop an enemy in its tracks and make lighter work of the rest of the Crime. These should be used sparingly and only on the most dangerous enemies if players want to hit a high combo count.

As long as players keep dodging and pushing back against enemies with hits every time they get the chance, they’ll easily build up massive combos very quickly. Even swinging items around at groups of enemies counts, so it’s worth making the most of every opportunity.

Why Should You Build up Combos in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Combos help build up a character’s Focus bar, which is the bar that must be full if a player wants to heal mid-combat. As if that weren’t enough, players will earn more Parts to upgrade Suits and craft new Gadgets or upgrades with. This can be especially important later in the game if they aim to complete every optional objective, including those linked to combos. Finally, no player will say no to additional XP when it’s handed to them this easily, meaning if nothing else is tempting enough, go for that added XP bonus.