How to switch weapons in Diablo IV

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The ability to swap weapons in Diablo IV is not as obvious as it may seem at first. Many action RPGs will let players swap weapons with the tap of a button and seamlessly move between different attack types. Diablo IV has changed this classic style of weapon switching with a completely unique mechanic. Switching weapons is a vital skill in Diablo, as different weapons will deal different types of damage to enemies. This guide will explain how to switch weapons in Diablo IV.

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How weapon switching works in Diablo IV

While weapon switching during combat is different in Diablo IV than in standard action RPGs, you can, of course, visit your inventory screen and swap out weapons the old-fashioned way. Each class has a different assortment of weapons they can wield, and if a weapon is locked, it can’t be used by your current class. The weapon-switching system outside of that is different but straightforward once you learn its nuances.

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Let’s look at the Barbarian as an excellent example of how weapon switching works in Diablo IV. The Barbarian’s different skills will cause different types of damage, such as bashing or bleeding. These skills can only be used by weapons that match the damage type. In your inventory, weapons will be slotted into slots that fit them. The Barbarian can use two-handed blunt weapons, two one-handed weapons, and a dual-handed slashing weapon.

If a Barbarian uses a skill such as Rend, which uses slashing damage, your character will automatically use the best slashing damage weapon currently equipped. They will automatically use their two-handed blunt weapon if you use a move like Bash. Each class works similarly and is very different from the standard weapon switching in other games, but it becomes seamless once you learn how it works in Diablo IV.