How to tag enemies in Cyberpunk 2077

Keep an eye on em.

Image via Steam

One of the more useful abilities for combat situations in Cyberpunk 2077 that doesn’t involve killing someone is tagging them. This will give you visibility of their locations, meaning you won’t get flanked by surprise and taken out by a shot you don’t see coming.

There are multiple ways to tag enemies, and some of them can be quite sneaky. The main way to do it is just using your hacker vision. Hold Tab on PC or L1 on console to enter hacker mode. Scan around for enemies and when you see one click the middle mouse button/R3 button to tag them. This will allow you to tag one enemy at a time.

When you are scanning someone, you may have the option to Ping them from your Quickhacks. This will send a tracer message to all other parties in the targets network, automatically revealing their location and tagging them for you.

If you are using Smart Weapons you can automatically tag someone by aiming at them, if you have the right upgrade for your hands slots under Implants.

One of the best ways to tag enemies safely by hacking cameras. Use your hacker vision on a camera and then take control of it. This allows you to see from the cameras point of view, and you can safe tag enemies that might be in awkward positions. You can also jump between cameras on the same network, getting new angles of areas that you might need to infiltrate, allowing you to tag even more enemies.