How to tame a Ferox in Ark: Survival Evolved

Cute and deadly.

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There are some creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved that are terrifying in appearance and some that are adorable, like the Ferox. This small, unassuming creature is one of the more powerful tames that players can keep around. Addicted to Element and able to deal huge damage, the Ferox is a great tame to have, not just for its utility but also because it’s often adorable. This guide will detail how to tame a Ferox in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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Where to find the Ferox in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Ferox is a relatively new creature that was introduced with the launch of Genesis. As such, it isn’t found on many of the older maps, and you can only find them on:

  • Genesis 
  • Genesis Part 2
  • Lost Island
  • Fjordur

The Ferox is easy to miss or even confuse with another tame, the Jerboa; however, the two should never be confused. The Ferox is non-aggressive and will walk up to the player seeking your attention.

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What you’ll need and how to tame the Ferox in Ark: Survival Evolved

Arguably the easiest place to tame the Ferox is on the Genesis Part 2 map. This is thanks to the Federation Tek Suit and the supply of Element that you can easily get. The Ferox, despite looking adorable, is actually an Element addict and will attempt to kill you when you try to tame it.

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In order to start the taming process, you’ll need to have Element in your Hotbar in any slot. Then, when the Ferox approaches you in its small form, you need to press the button that your Element is bound to. This will trigger the Element use event near the Ferox, which will, in turn, cause the very cute, seemingly adorable Ferox to mutate and enrage.

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The enraged state will cause the Ferox to attack anything in its radius indiscriminately. This includes you, so the best tactic is to engage the Element and run as fast as you can. Note that the Ferox is incredibly fast, so use your Tek Suit sprint to get away or to double-jump into the sky.

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Once the Ferox’s mutation has raged through, it will pass out and resume its small form. This will be your sign to once again trigger the Element reaction. Once again, run away as the Ferox rages, and feed it more Element when it has calmed down.

Once you’ve tamed the Ferox, you’ll be able to pick it up and place it on your shoulder like any other shoulder pet. However, the Ferox will also be able to transform to its Mutated form and, as such, deal increased damage and run incredibly quickly.