How to teach Stonecrafting to the Coral Buddies in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Help out your buddies.


If you have been fully exploring the map in Fortnite, you will know that there are some challenges to be found on a small island near Lockies Lighthouse involving the Coral Buddies. We have already helped them develop to the Wood Age, and this week it is time to help them get to the Stone Age.

The first thing you will need to do is head to their island, which can be found to the north of the Shark, and to the west of Lockie Lighthouse.

You will need 300 stone when you get there, and it might be better to grab this on the way. The island has a limited amount of stone, so if you get there after someone else, they will more than likely have used it all to help out the Coral Buddies.

Now, there are two groups on the island. There is a large group all hanging out near a big stone fort, but you want to head for a small group that are standing near some foundations. These are the guys that need your help. When you get there, a prompt will appear when you look at the foundation, and you can interact with it to give them the stone.

Upon giving them the stone you will earn 25,000 XP, and they will have a nice new pyramid to dance around. We are very curious to see what happens to the Coral Buddies when we help them achieve whatever the top tier of their civilization will be.