How To Trade Stickers In Monopoly Go – Explained

Collecting stickers has invaded the mobile platform! Here’s how you can do it in the super popular Monopoly Go.

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Grabbing collectibles in games is extremely fun, and Monopoly Go is the latest mobile title with stickers for players to collect. Here’s how you can trade them if you find yourself collecting doubles.

In these types of games, it’s rare to have an in-game resource to trade with others. Stickers can be earned just by playing, so when you’re ready to trade the excess copies, you should have a full suite of options in your collection. We must admit some of what you can get is pretty neat, so you may be apprehensive about getting rid of some. Don’t worry; there’s a benefit to doing so.

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How to Get Stickers

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Stickers can be gained in a variety of different ways. This includes completing the tutorial board, doing daily tasks, and requesting them from other players. To request stickers from other players, you must join a Facebook group. Monopoly Go also features a Quick Wins card that you can fill out to earn weekly rewards, with the main prize being a pack of stickers.

How to Trade Stickers

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To access trading in Monopoly Go, you must first reach level 15 to unlock this feature. Afterward, tap the sticker icon to see the list of friends you want to make the trade with. Once you’ve selected a friend, they should receive the card for the trade. Remember that they must be on your friends list for this work.

If you don’t have your Facebook page connected and want to play anonymously, just play a few games until your friends list suggests some. The longer you keep playing, the fuller the list, so keep leveling up for more options. Eventually, you should have a full list of buddies to trade with. Duplicates are easy to come by, so make sure you trade often.