How to turn assists on or off in F1 2021

Let’s talk assists.

Image via Codemasters

F1 2021’s gameplay brings entertainment and challenges. If you’re new to F1, you might struggle quite a bit with steering, braking, and changing gears in a manual fashion. If you want to ensure these assists are on or turn them off, and have a true racing experience, Codemasters has you covered. The developer of the F1 franchise offers both, and here’s how you can turn assists on or off in F1 2021.

One option is to go to the Settings in the Main Menu. Select the Settings tab, and then go to the Assists section. Here, you can change a number of these settings on or off. These options include changing the driving proficiency (which you could set to custom and build your own assist setup), steering and braking assists, as well as turn manual gears on or off via the Gearbox setting.

Alternatively, you can also do this before or during a race. To change it before a race, you can either tinker with the Assists in the menu before starting an event (for solo Grand Prix’s and other events) or in the Pause menu once you’re ready to start the race. Additionally, you can also pause and change the assists during a race, which you might want to do on offline play should you need to change on the fly.