How to find informants in Gotham Knights

These ones know what you need to learn.

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Crime is happening everywhere in Gotham City, and the Bat Family in Gotham Knights have their hands full to keep everything contained. It can be challenging to find where a criminal will strike next. However, to help narrow your search, the best way to learn about what’s going on in a criminal gang is by interrogating key members. You can do this by finding informants who have this information. Here’s what you need to know about finding information in Gotham Knights.

Where to find informants in Gotham Knights

You must go through a few steps to narrow your search for an informant. First, you can find them in the open world while exploring Gotham City. An excellent way to find their general location is to search an area. Eventually, you’re going to see white triangles appear on your map. Those indicate areas where criminals have gathered and are causing trouble, and it shows that an informant in that group help give you clues. Once you see them on your compass at the top of the screen, they will appear on your larger city map.

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When you approach the area, you should be able to find where the criminals have gathered. If you were careful, they won’t have spotted you when you arrived, and you have the drop on them. First, use your character’s AR to scan each enemy to determine who the informant is. You want to look for the one with the white triangle above them and the white question mark above their head. Now that you’ve identified who they are, you can sneak up behind them or grab them during combat and interrogate them.

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You want to make sure you do this every time you engage in a fight to narrow down who the informant is. This will ensure you can learn more about upcoming crimes in Gotham and assist you in finding additional clues.