How to unequip weapons in Sons of the Forest

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As you navigate the dangerous and mysterious terrain of Sons of Forest’s wilderness, you must equip yourself with the best weapons to fend off the many threats lurking around every corner. Yet, when trying to approach a fainthearted Virginia, or doing your best not to enrage a Brute cannibal, you might want to unequip your weapon. How to do so isn’t as obvious as it is in real life, so here’s how you can unequip your weapons in Sons of the Forest.

Unequipping your weapon in Sons of the Forest

The process is simple and straightforward: you only need to press the “G” key on your keyboard. When you press “G,” whatever item you hold in your right hand will be unequipped. If the item is a weapon or similar object, it will be returned to your inventory. If you want to pull it back out later, just press “I.” 

Be careful! Most non-weaponized items may be dropped on the ground when you unequip them. Also, if you don’t have any more inventory space, your weapon will drop instead of returning to your inventory. 

You can manually remove the weapon from your backpack to play it safe. Press “I” to access your inventory, click on your backpack, hover over the weapon, and right-click to remove the item. 

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How does Sons of the Forest’s Quick Select feature work?

Many players keep looking for hotkey support in the game. With mutants and cannibals coming your way left and right, you’ll definitely want to be able to access your pistol, knife, or other weapon quickly. However, Endnight Games replaces your standard hotkey with the quick select feature. You can select any tool or weapon you’ve packed from your inventory by bringing out your backpack. The only issue with this feature is, of course, dark environments like caves. If you can’t spot the items your backpack offers, just press “L” and activate your flashlight.