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How to unlock Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Anna makes an appearance.

You will be able to unlock many friends in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Everyone is ready to join you in the valley from Stitch to Wall-E. There is no shortage of characters making an appearance. One of the more popular ones that you can unlock is Anna, Queen of Arendelle. Of course, it may take some time to find her. Here is how you unlock Anna in Disney Dreamland Valley.

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How to get Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Anna, you will first need to progress far enough through the game to gain access to the Forest of Valor. Once you get access to this biome, you will unlock the second floor of Dream Castle. The center door of the second floor of the castle is the one belonging to Anna and Elsa. Opening this door will cost you 4,000 Dreamlight.

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After opening the door, you will meet Anna who happens to be standing in a forest that is on fire. Talk to her to learn about how the forest spirits are causing trouble. You need to help calm them down. First, is Bruni, the fire spirit. Equip the gloves that Anna gives you and start dousing the fires with your Watering Can. When you spot Bruni, run after him and pick him up.

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After returning the fire spirit, Anna will want to go after the earth giant. You will need to wake this giant up. This means you have to make some Stone Soup. Pick up three Craggy Rocks from around the area and combine them with Basil and Oregano at the campfire that Anna started the quest at. If you don’t have Basil and Oregano, you will need to head back to the valley and collect them.

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Place the Stone Soup on the rock pedestal and you will get a short cutscene showing the earth giant leaving. Once this is over, you will need to traverse the forest, using your Shovel and Pickaxe to remove the dirt mounds and rocks from the area to open a pathway to the raging river. You will now need to calm the water spirit.

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To calm the water spirit, go over to the nearby pond and use your fishing rod on the orange ripple in the water. You will end up getting Anna’s Engagement Ring out of the water. This will cause the river to calm down and you will be able to cross and reach Elsa. This will complete Anna’s quest, but you now need to complete Elsa’s.

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Elsa’s quest requires you to craft some wind chimes. You will need to leave the area and go back to the valley to accomplish this. You will need 15 Softwood and 3 Iron ingots to craft them. Elsa will give you the Twine. Softwood can be found in the Frozen Heights and Iron Ore can be found in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. After crafting the Wind Chimes, return to the Frozen Realm and place them in the trees around Elsa.

Once the quest is complete, you will get the Welcoming Anna quest. Talk to Anna about coming back to the valley. Afterward, return to the valley and welcome Anna as she appears next to the Wishing Well.

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