Where to find Crocodiles in Far Cry 6

The lethal predator lurking in the swamp.

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The many animals roaming around Yara in Far Cry 6 can be dangerous predators you need to watch out for during your adventure. They also possess excellent resources that you can harvest from them, bringing them back to the trader to exchange for other weapon resources or using them in the El Cantina recipes. If you’re searching for crocodiles, these are all of the locations you can find them in Far Cry 6.

Crocodiles appear in three regions in Far Cry 6. You can find them at Cortina River, Sabiduría Valley, and Fernando Valley. You will need a bow if you want to collect their meat without damaging the resource.

Cortina River

The Cortina River is one of the starting locations that features some pretty low-level crocodiles in Far Cry 6. It’s in a rank three region and is an ideal animal for you to encounter at the start. You can make short work of them.

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Fernando Valley

Fernando Valley is in Conuco, a rank five area. You can visit this after you’ve worked through some of the earlier parts of Far Cry 6. This location is closer to the southwest of the map, and they feature a decent spawn.

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Sabiduría Valley

The final location, Sabiduría Valley, features another crocodile spawn in Noventarmas, another rank five area. Unlike the others, this one has several enemy camps around it. You may want to adventure here after you’ve cleared out the area from FND forces before trying to hunt these predators.

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