How to unlock Cloud in Chocobo GP

Final Fantasy VII’s hero will be hard to unlock in Chocobo GP.

Image via Square Enix

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The soldier Cloud is back on his bike to race in Chocobo GP, but how do you unlock this fan favorite character in the game? We go through the tumultuous process with the game’s controversial season pass.

Similar to free-to-play titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, Chocobo GP has a battle pass (season pass) that has you completing races for experience. First, the battle pass will cost you the in-game currency Mythril to even start it. You cannot receive it by playing the game, but when you first boot up Chocobo GP, Square Enix should give you enough to purchase Season 1’s pass. However, if you want to get Cloud instantly, you’ll need to pay much more.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock Cloud, you’ll need to get to Level 60 on the pass before the end of the season, similar to getting Spider-Man in Fortnite. To get experience for the pass, you’ll need to finish races in the Chocobo GP mode, which has you competing from 64 players down to one in multiple rounds.

However, it may be tricky to get first place in this setting as our Switch disconnected mid way through the bracket. To get the most points towards leveling up, you’ll want to get as high up to first place as possible. If you’re below 4th, you will not qualify for the next round. During our experience, we got 4th place twice in one run, and we didn’t even hit Level 2. It’s going to be tough to get Cloud, so we wish you luck.