How to unlock Cold Blooded Vaults in Fortnite Most Wanted

Your biggest heist yet!

Image via Epic Games

Three hidden vaults are scattered around Fortnite’s map, and you will have to open them to get some spicy rewards. However, you will need a few things to do that. The Most Wanted quest in Fortnite has some really fun missions, and one of them gives players a chance to start the game with incredible loot. The Cold Blooded Vaults hold weapons we haven’t seen in a long time, and you will want to get your hands on them. Here is how you can find and unlock the Cold Blooded Vaults in Fortnite Most Wanted.

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Cold Blooded Vaults location in Fortnite Most Wanted

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are three Cold Blooded Vaults placed across the battle island in Fortnite Most Wanted. You can find a hidden Cold Blooded Vault at the Shattered Slabs, Brutal Bastion, and Faulty Splits. At these locations, there will be a lot of NPCs wearing white suits that will attack you on sight. One of the enemies is wearing different clothes from the others and has an extensive health bar.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This person is the boss of the location and will require some good weapons if you want to stand a chance. Once you have defeated this boss, they will drop a Vault Keycard, which you just have to pick up. Somewhere in this location, usually at the lower levels, you will find a huge vault with an interactable computer next to it. You will see a command that says “Swipe Most Wanted Keycard” there.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Use the keycard you just picked up from the boss and interact with the computer. The Cold Blooded Vault will now open very slowly, giving other Fortnite players around the location a chance to come and take over your loot. The vault will take around 30 seconds to open, so prepare. Afterward, you can just go inside and loot the chests.