How to raise your Heat Level in Fortnite Most Wanted

Become the most notorious robber on the map.

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1’s Most Wanted event is all about breaking into named locations and stealing the Exotic weapons belonging to a group of NPCs named the Cold Blooded syndicate. Although pulling off crimes is the objective, lawbreakers can still expect to be punished — and rewarded — for their bad deeds, all thanks to the event’s Heat Level mechanic. Here’s how to raise your Heat Level in Fortnite and what effects will come from it.

How to get a higher Heat Level in the Fortnite Most Wanted event

Fortnite’s Heat Level system signifies the impact you have had in matches during the Most Wanted event, and it comes with both benefits and drawbacks. You can raise your Heat Level either by simply eliminating opponents and Cold Blooded Syndicate members or by opening Cold Blooded Vaults set around named locations. However, those with at least one Heat Level will become visible on players’ mini-maps and are more prone to dying to Cold Blooded NPCs.

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Despite this, the benefits earned from Heat Levels certainly make achieving eliminations and unlocking vaults worthwhile. As shown above, there are four Heat Levels you can progress to, and each rewards you with a special ability upon reaching it. This includes faster movement, the power to regenerate health, and even netting additional Gold from enemies. You can find each Heat Level and their given abilities below.

  • Heat Level 1: Grants extra Bars after you eliminate an enemy
  • Heat Level 2: Gives a 15% increase in movement speed and regenerates your health out of combat
  • Heat Level 3: Gives a 20% increase in movement speed and regenerates your health and up to 50 Shield out of combat.
  • Heat Level 4: Boosts your movement speed by 25% and regenerates your health and shield completely when out of combat

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Those able to raise their heat levels will even be rewarded after matches, as gaining four levels grants Infamy in the Most Wanted rewards tracker. This Infamy currency can then be used to unlock one of its 12 cosmetics, including Gold Blooded Ace, a Rare-rarity skin that is exclusive to the limited-time event.