Should you choose Too Hard or Too Easy in Vampire Survivors?

Both answers are actually correct.

Too Hard or Too Easy Question in Vampire Survivors

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After finally collecting every main Stage’s Relic in Vampire Survivors, you will gain access to the Eudaimonia Machine, where you will be asked if your playthrough was “Too Easy” or “Too Hard.” More specifically, the Directer will pose the question, “Hast thou struggled, or hast thou walked with ease?” Until this point, most of the gameplay experience has been intense yet laid-back auto-combat with monsters. As a result, being asked such a direct question might cause some to feel like they might make the incorrect choice if the “wrong” answer is chosen.

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Choosing Too Easy in Vampire Survivors

Too Easy Answer Reward in Vampire Survivors
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Fortunately, there is no wrong answer during the dialogue sequence with the Directer in the Eudaimonia Machine. Nevertheless, if you pick “Too Easy,” you will be given Gracia’s Mirror, a Relic that permanently unlocks Inverse mode for all Stages in Vampire Survivors. This mode flips a Stage’s map layout while also making some changes to combat and enemy mechanics.

Choosing Too Hard in Vampire Survivors

Too Hard Answer Reward in Vampire Survivors
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On the other hand, if you chose to answer “Too Hard” when being questioned by the Directer, you will be given the Seventh Trumpet. This Relic permanently grants Endless mode to all Stages. As one would expect, activating this mode removes the time restriction from a Stage, causing The Reaper or Death to never spawn.

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How to reenter the Eudaimonia Machine in Vampire Survivors

Meeting the Directer in Vampire Survivors
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If you are curious if the Eudaimonia Machine will ever become re-accessible after picking “Too Easy” or “Too Hard,” you need not fret. We chose “Too Easy,” which granted us the mirror for Inverse mode. To reenter the Eudaimonia M. Stage, we started a run with Inverse active, paused the game, and returned to the main menu. The Eudaimonia Machine reappeared in the Stage Selection screen, allowing us to revisit the Directer.

Too Hard Easy Alternate Reward in Vampire Survivors
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This time, the Directer stated, “You may speak once more… once more, you shall receive. But only once,” after which we received the Seventh Trumpet. Likewise, if you chose “Too Hard,” play any Stage on Endless mode and quit the run immediately. Return to Stage Selection and reenter the Eudaimonia Machine to receive Gracia’s Mirror in Vampire Survivors.