How to unlock Oluso in Far Cry 6

Oluso will rip enemies asunder and while you sneak around the area.


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Oluso is one of the stealth Amigos in Far Cry 6. Specifically, Oluso is the black panther who will rip enemies to shreds. Getting this amigo is no easy task and obtaining the necessary items will take you all over the map. Here is how to unlock this beast.

Triada Blessings

The Triada Blessings mission can actually be found early on in the game. In fact, it can be found right after meeting Clara for the first time. Head to the location on the map below to find the mission. When you arrive, you will find a cave. Head inside to find some notes.

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The notes in the cave will tell you that you need three relics from across the map. Unfortunately for you, the game doesn’t just give you their locations. Here’s where they can be found.

Ida’s Triada Relic

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Head to the western side of the Lozania region to find a treasure hunt called Ida’s Triada Relic. Once you are able to leave the starting island, you will be able to travel wherever you want. This treasure hunt will take you through a series of caves on ziplines until you finally reach the relic at the end.

Oku’s Triada Relic

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Next up is Oku’s Triada Relic. This treasure hunt is located at Fort Oro and can only be accessed at night. When you find the fort, you can either wait until dark or travel around and come back later. When night rolls in, complete the treasure hunt to find Oku’s relic.

Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic

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The final relic is Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic. This treasure hunt is located in the southwestern section of La Joya at a construction site. Avoid being electrified by the water and make your way through the cave to find the final relic you need.

Complete Triada Blessings

Once all the relics have been found, head back to the cave where you found the Triada Blessings mission. Place all of the relics down on the chalk drawing on the floor of the cave and a new area will open up. Head further into the cave to where there is a treasure chest. Open it to receive a weapon and a new Supremo.

After the items are given to you, you’ll get attacked by Oluso. Well, actually you will get attacked by multiple copies of Oluso. Fend off all the attacking jaguars and defeat Oluso. They will go down and you must revive them. After reviving them, they will join you as your new amigo.