How to unlock shareable perks in Dead by Daylight

Unlock skills for all of your characters in Dead by Daylight.

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Each Survivor and Killer in Dead by Daylight has three perks they can share and give to other characters in that same category. These perks are exclusive to them, and you won’t be able to find them on another Survivor or Killer’s blood web when leveling them up. However, there is a way can share these exclusive perks with the other characters, giving you the chance to create multiple personalized loadouts. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock shareable perks in Dead by Daylight.

How to share Survivor and Killer perks

Sharing the exclusive Survivor and Killer perks in Dead by Daylight will take some work. The only way to do this is by Prestiging with them. You can Prestige a Survivor or Killer by reaching level 50 in their blood web. When you do this, you have the option to Prestige them, starting the blood web over again. You will start at level one and have to work your way back up to level 50.

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When you reach Prestige level one with a Survivor or Killer, all three exclusive perks become available for every character in their category. However, it only gives your other characters the first tier of those perks. You will need to unlock tiers two and three by progressing through the blood webs again and unlocking Prestige levels two and three, the same way you unlocked the first set. At the top of the blood web, you can see which perks you unlock for that character and what tier they will be when you reach blood web level 50.

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When you Prestige, you do not lose any Perks, Items, Offerings, or Add-ons you had on your character. These changes were made during Dead by Daylight’s Mid-Chapter 6.1.0 update. After you reach Prestige level three with a character, you can continue to reach higher levels, earning additional rewards, such as cosmetics and charms.