10 Best survivor perks in Dead By Daylight

Load out your characters with the best perks using our Dead by Daylight guide.

When deciding how to best survive a match of Dead by Daylight, arguably, the most important thing to consider is what perks you want to use. These abilities can be both passive or active, and when used in the right way, completely turn the tide of the entire game against the Killer. Some perks are only available for certain characters, while some can be taught to other survivors when you reach a certain level.

You will want to use some perks every now and then, and then there are the perks you will probably want to bring with you to every match. That’s the category that the perks on this list fall into. These are the 10 best perks a survivor can use when trying to escape in Dead by Daylight.

10. Borrowed Time

This perk is acquired by Bill Williams, our favorite grizzled, zombie-fighting veteran. It’s a pretty specific perk but can be a huge help when used the proper way. The perk works as such: when you safely unhook a teammate while in a Killer’s Terror Radius, it changes any attack that could put the survivor in a dying state into an attack that just does the Deep Wound effect instead.

It gives you a window of time for you to escape, which is huge for those matches with those dirty, awful campers.

9. Self-Care

Self-Care can more or less erase any need for a Med-Kit in a game, as it allows survivors to heal for 20% at Tier III, at the simple cost of healing slower. You can use it repeatedly in a match, and one person with Self-Care can keep their entire team healed up—a pretty useful tool for a match with plenty of injuries.

Claudette Morel will get this perk.

8. Adrenaline

It may not be useful for a good majority of your matches, but once the Escape Gates are ready to be opened, it becomes incredibly powerful. Adrenaline will kick in when those gates get power and cause the Survivors to heal up a health state and gain a five-second sprint boost of 150%.

7. Bond

Dwight can earn this perk, and it gives him the ability to see his allies’ auras and locations when they are within 20/28/36 meters. It may not sound like much, but knowing where your teammates are can be huge. It will let you know who is working on what generator and where the Killer is if they get attacked.

6. Dead Hard

Have a Killer chasing you? You can use this perk to gain a boost of speed to avoid an attack. It applies when you are in an injured state and can help so much when you get that dash at the best possible moment. It may cause the Exhausted status effect, but boy is it worth it.

You can earn this perk with David King.

5. Inner Strength

Another pretty specific perk that can be a savior in a pinch. This perk allows you to, after cleansing a totem, hide in a locker for 10/9/8 seconds to go up in a healing state when injured or under the Deep Wound status effect. It is a good situation to both hide and also heal up.

Nancy Wheeler will net you this perk.

4. Sprint Burst

Man, can this perk really get you out of harm’s way when you need it? This perk allows you to break into a sprint of 150% your normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds. The different tiers will determine how long you will be in the Exhausted state after (60/50/40).

Meg Thomas is your girl for this perk.

3. Spine Chill

This perk helps a lot when the Killer is near you, as it gives you a notification when the Killer is looking in your direction while they are within 36 meters. It does come at a price, however, as your Skill Check odds are increased by 10%, and success zones in those checks is reduced by 10%. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it also increases your speed for just about everything and can help you slip away when you need to.

All survivors can learn this perk.

2. Urban Evasion

We can’t say enough just how useful this perk is. It increases your speed while crouched. At its highest tier, it will double your character’s speed when compared to other survivors. It essentially makes you walk around, crouched, the entire game to avoid being seen and not feel slowed down at all. It’s huge.

Nea Karlsson is the one to learn this ability.

1. Decisive Strike

Perfect for those of us who find ourselves often caught by the Killer, Decisive Strike gives you a quick Skill Check when picked up that, if hit right, will get you up and running out of there. Even more, it stuns the Killer for five seconds, which is a good amount of time to get some distance between you and them. Even though it makes you the Obsession after, it is still well worth it.

The scream queen herself, Laurie Strode, earns this perk.

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