How to unlock the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy

A little battle buddy.

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There are a lot of relics that you can find and unlock as you journey through Tower of Fantasy. These relics are designed to help you traverse the map, take on enemies in battle, and uncover hidden areas and objects. One of the many relics that you can find is called the Couant. This relic is a small droid that you can summon to aid you in battle. Keep this little fella in mind the next time you are in a fight.

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How to get the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy

There are many relics in the game that are unlocked by completing a quest, running through a Ruin dungeon, or even by completing part of the story. Unfortunately, the Couant Relic isn’t obtained by doing any of that. You might actually have overlooked how to unlock it.

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The Couant Relic is unlocked by exploring the world. Specifically, you need to explore the Banges region. This is the second region you will go to in the game. As you progress through the region, you will need to gather Exploration Points to unlock the relic. Exploration Points are obtained by exploring the map and discovering things for the first time. To gain points, you need to open Supply Pods, investigate points of interest, complete Ruin dungeons, and unlock Spacerifts. You will unlock the Couant Relic once you have earned 800 Exploration Points in the Banges region.

What does the Couant Relic do?

The Couant Relic is one of the many that can be used in combat. This relic is a little drone that generates a shield that lasts for five seconds. When the shield disappears, it knocks back nearby enemies and deals damage equal to 100% of ATK +50. This shield can also stun enemies when it breaks, making it a useful tool in battle. You can summon the shield once every 30 seconds.