How to unlock the Deep Mine in Dinkum

We have to go deeper.

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As you progress through farming sim Dinkum, you’ll get access to more areas. Similar to games like Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons that inspired it, Dinkum has an area where you can mine for valuable ores and materials. Getting to the Deep Mines takes a bit of work, but it brings with it a wealth of new opportunities. Here is everything you need to know to unlock the Deep Mine in Dinkum.

The Dinkum Deep Mine – How to unlock it

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The Deep Mine is home to some powerful animals that can make going down there a dangerous endeavor, but the rewards far outweigh the risks when you take into account the materials that you can get from down there. Until the Quarry is built later on, Deep Mining is the main way that players can obtain the iron ore that many crafting recipes need. Compared to some of the other buildings in Dinkum, unlocking the Deep Mine is a slightly more complicated process. You’ll need to complete the following steps.

Get a Deep Mining Licence 

Head to our friend Fletch and offer 3500 permit points in exchange for the Deep Mining Licence. This will give let you purchase the Mine Pass and the Mine Deed. If you need more, completing Milestones is the best way to earn more Permit Points.

Buy a Mine Pass

Once you have the Deep Mining License, you need to head over to John’s shop and purchase a Mine Pass for a whopping 25000 Dinks. This will allow you to access the mine elevator, but only one time. Getting down there is an expensive trip so be sure to make it count.

Purchase the Mine Deed

Return to Fletch and ask to see the Deeds. From the list, you can get the Mine Deed. Select it and hit Apply. This will put the town into an additional 250000 in debt, but what is a little debt among friends?

Place the Mine Deed

Find a place that is easy for you to access that won’t be in your way because once you place the deed you won’t be able to move it.

Build the Mine Elevator

The next step requires a bit of crafting. To unlock the Deep Mines, you’ll need to build the Mine Elevator. The materials you’ll need are:

  • 10 bags of Cement
  • 10 Old Gears
  • 1 Old Contraption
  • 2 Old Keys
  • 5 Tin Bars
  • 5 Copper Bars

Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, head over to where you placed the Mine Deed and make the elevator by placing the materials inside the construction site.

Head down the Elevator

Once the construction is completed, you can enter the elevator and access the Deep Mines. Once you go down there, be aware that the pass is a one-time use object, so you’ll need to purchase one each time you want to go mining. Also, remember that there are some tough creatures down there, so take food and strong weapons along.