How to teleport in Dinkum

Faster than a dial-up.

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Dinkum offers players a wide stretch of various island biomes, with multiple travel methods as players progress further through technologies and certifications. There are jet skis, motorcycles, and even teleportation if players can figure it out.

Unlocking teleportation becomes feasible very early Dinkum, and can help players move about the islands for bounties and resources quicker than any other means of transportation. Players will, however, need a bit of luck.

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Where to find the teleporters in Dinkum

Teleporters within Dinkum appear as short electrical radio towers, and there should be one near the starting area in the island. This is essentially the ‘home base’ teleporter, and the first one players should work on repairing.

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These towers are scattered across the islands, but players will have the best luck skirting around the outside of the land mass (bordering the ocean) to find them. Once another has been found, you can begin preparing to use them.

How to fix the teleporters in Dinkum

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As soon as the store has been built, players can begin repairing the teleporters. Grab multiple metal detectors (three should suffice). Towers need the following for repairs:

  • 3 Circuit boards
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 CD
  • 8 wires
  • 1 cell phone

Bring these items to the small box on the side of the towers that are sparking. A window will prompt players to place their items inside of the tower, which fixes it. Once two individual towers have been fixed, players can instantly teleport between them without side effects or consequences.

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This being said, teleporters won’t become the primary means of travel for players in Dinkum. These teleporters are at fixed areas around the islands, and you’ll need to scour the various biomes for resources. Still, teleporting across the entire island to the sound of an old DSL connection never gets old.