How to get and use Pearls in Dinkum

Get ready to rake in the money.

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Dinkum is filled with materials to collect and bugs to catch, all so you can earn more money to grow your farm. There are dozens of ways to make Dinks on your farm, but it is important to remember the bounty of the sea. Fishing can be a way to boost your income, especially if you find Pearls out in the ocean. Here is everything you need to know about how to find Pearls in Dinkum and what they’re used for.

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How to find Pearls in Dinkum

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Because of the random nature of the maps in Dinkum, it is difficult to say exactly where Pearls can be found. Like the Bushman, they show up in different places for every player. They come from clams in the ocean biome, so you’ll need to explore the watery areas of the map to get your hands on one. Look out for bubbles on the surface of the water, which indicate that there is something hidden below.

Dive down to the bottom of the ocean. You’ll have to check several of these spots before you find a clam, but when you do, you can harvest a pearl from it. The good news is that clams spawn pearls in Dinkum every few days, so mark it on your map and make it part of your routine to grab the pearl when it reappears.

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How and where to use pearls in Dinkum

Once you have a pearl, you have two options. You can sell it to John for the hefty price of 5000 Dinks. The fact that clams don’t move and will spawn a new pearl regularly means that this is a great way to boost your regular income in Dinkum. If you’re looking to redecorate, you also have the option to create 16 pieces of Pearl Path by combining one pearl and two bags of cement at your Crafting Table.