How to unlock the Hovering Cannon in Tower of Fantasy

Where to find one of the best bits of weaponry in the game.

Image via Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy is filled with unique items called relics. Each of these adds a new twist to combat, allowing players to create their own playstyle and strategy. Some relics are focused on defense while others allow players to unleash powerful attacks on the enemies they encounter in dungeons. One of these offense-focused relics is the Hovering Cannon, which blasts enemies around you with a laser weapon. If you’re not sure how to unlock it, here is everything you need to know to get the Hovering Cannon in Tower of Fantasy.

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The Hovering Cannon relic in Tower of Fantasy – what it does and how to get it

Image via Hotta Studio

Just like you’d expect, the Hovering Cannon relic in Tower of Fantasy is focused on blasting enemies that get near you. When equipped, it allows players to summon it for a short period. It will hover around the player and shoot enemies until its duration ends. It can also be upgraded to extend its duration, reduce its cooldown, and inflict status ailments like Freeze and Stun on enemies as well as inflict damage on them.

To unlock the Hovering Cannon, you’ll need to collect 20 Hovering Cannon shards. These can be earned by opening up Relic Shard boxes or by completing challenges in Claire’s Dream Machine, but these methods only offer a chance to collect the specific shards you’re after. If you want a better chance to collect Hovering Cannon shards, you’ll need to fight the Frost Bot in the Navia region. The Frost Bot’s approximate location is shown on the map below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Similar to the Quantum Cloak relic, you’ll need to defeat the Frost Bot several times to get enough shards to create the Hovering Cannon. They drop several different items and might only drop a few relic shards when defeated. Also, bear in mind that the Frost Bot is a level 35 world boss so don’t expect them to go down without a fight. Bring a party and tackle them together.