How to unlock the Nornir Chest at The Sinkholes zipline in God of war Ragnarok

You’ve got to be very precise with your Sigil Arrows.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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In God of War Ragnarok, The Sinkholes is a hidden region of the realm of Vanaheim and is part of The Crater hidden region. During the Creatures of Prophecy goal on The Path main story quest line, Birgir falls from the paper boat and into The Crater, and after you complete that quest, you’ll get an optional side quest Favor called Scent of Survival. In Scent of Survival, you follow Helka, the dog, out of Freyr’s Camp, and she leads you to The Crater. The first region of The Crater you visit is The Plains, but you can quickly reach The Sinkholes by heading east through the distinctive circular archways, and sliding down a zipline.

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Where to find the zipline Nornir Chest in The Sinkholes

From the bottom of the zipline, turn all the way around and head west. The path curves to the left and enters a tunnel, and the Nornir Chest is on the right-hand side of this tunnel.

How to unlock the zipline Nornir Chest in The Sinkholes

To unlock the Nornir Chest below the zipline in The Sinkholes, you have to use your Blades of Chaos to light three nearby braziers marked with runes that look like a “C”, an “R”, and an “n”.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The “C” brazier is above the pond to the right of the Nornir Chest, but the chains of your Blades of Chaos are not long enough to reach it. So, create a chain of three Sigils on the cliff beside the brazier using Atreus’ Sigil Arrows. Hit the nearest one with your Blades of Chaos to set off a chain of explosions that will light the brazier.

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The “R” brazier also needs to be lit using a chain of Sigils, and it’s really difficult to get them in exactly the right spots. Climb up onto the ledge above the “C” brazier and, from there, create a chain leading to the “R” brazier above. Place them like the Sigils in the above screenshot. Remember, you don’t have to hit the first Sigil in the center. Just at the edge of the circle will do.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The “n” brazier is on the right-hand side beyond the end of the Nornir Chest’s tunnel. You also need a chain of Sigils here, but the brazier is pretty close, so this is much easier than the “R” brazier.

Once you’ve lit all three braziers, the Nornir Chest will unlock, and you can help yourself to a Horn of Blood Mead.