How to unlock the Show-off Achievement in DogLife

Do a flip!

Image by Gamepur

Tricks can be beneficial in several ways in DogLife. From providing general entertainment for others around you to increasing your happiness, knowing tricks is key to success. Usually, learning a few tricks will suffice for daily activities and interaction with others, but what if you put your nose to the ground and went all out with learning tricks? This guide will show how you can efficiently learn ten tricks during a single life earning you the Show-off achievement in DogLife.

Learning a trick is pretty straightforward, but it will require some time to master a given trick fully. Therefore, around your animal’s first birthday, you will see the “Tricks” option appear under the activities menu. Upon selecting it, you will see a variety of tricks you can perform, ranging from shaking hands, rollover, and speaking, all the way to twerking and singing. Additionally, there are opportunities where your owners will attempt to teach you tricks throughout your animal’s life. Take advantage of these opportunities when you can to maximize your efficiency.

From here, it’s really up to you which tricks you want to learn. When learning different tricks, we have found that you can practice any trick up to three times per age up before you won’t see any gains in your skill towards the selected trick. So with that in mind, work on your tricks after each age-up until you have mastered ten. Once the chosen tricks are mastered, you will be awarded the Show-off achievement.