How to unlock the Zoologist in Terraria – Zoologist guide

Turn the town into a zoo.

Image via Re-Logic.

A great way to populate your town in Terraria is to invite different NPCs into houses you’ve built for them. Outside of the Guide, each one of them has a different interest that gets them to join your camp, with some having to be saved and others counting kills, to name a few. Zoologist is an NPC cursed with becoming a werefox during the full moon and Bloodmoon. She sells various critter-related items once she moves in, and in this guide, we will explain how to unlock and invite her to your Terraria town.

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How to invite the Zoologist NPC in Terraria

Like with most other NPCs, there are a few conditions that you have to fulfill to be able to invite the Zoologist. Her conditions are the following:

  • You need to have an empty house set up.
  • You need to have your Bestiary at least 10% full.

Having an empty house ready is a common requirement among most NPCs. The Bestiary condition is specific to the Zoologist. The 10% of entries that she requires comes to exactly 54 entries because the bestiary has 540 total possible entries.

This number of entries is easier to attain than it seems. Remember that the Bestiary doesn’t collect only enemies that you kill but also critters, NPCs, and Bosses. Also, you don’t need to completely fill the kill bar for each enemy entry; just having it unlocked is enough to count as one.

What does the Zoologist NPC do?

After moving in, Zoologist will be available to sell different vanity items, such as mounts and pets, to join your menagerie and slimes. She also sells animal-like outfits and accessories, and is one of the few NPCs to sell a Universal Pylon. Interestingly, some items she sells can only become available after reaching a certain threshold of entries in the Bestiary, so it’s a good idea to keep expanding it.

When it comes to her happiness, the Zoologist loves the Witch Doctor, likes the Forest biome, the Princess, and the Golfer, dislikes the Desert biome and the Angler, and hates the Arms Dealer.