How to use a Heat Shield in Apex Legends

For when you’re out of the ring, but not out of the game.

Inactive vs Active Heat Shield

In Apex Legends, there is now a new category of items called Survival items. One of those items in the Mobile Respawn Beacon has been in the game since Season 5: Fortune Favor. The other item, however, is the Heat Shield, new to Season 8: Mayhem, added alongside the Ring Fury Escalation Takeover for the Chaos Theory Collection Event. Let’s take a look into what exactly the Heat Shield does and how to use it.

What is a Heat Shield?

A Heat Shield is a placeable device that you can throw on the ground outside of the ring (or in a Ring Flare. For this guide, “outside of the ring” includes Ring Flares) to prevent anyone inside of it from taking ring damage. Since it is a Survival item, instead of being stored in your inventory, it is stored in the single Survival Slot. You can stack up to two at a time, but if you are holding any, you cannot also carry a Mobile Respawn Beacon.

activating heat shield
Screenshot via Gamepur

Finding a Ring Shield is the same as finding a Mobile Respawn Beacon. It is a Rare-tier item that is a part of ground loot, and can sometimes be found in Care Packages.

Active vs. Inactive Heat Shield

A placed Heat Shield being active is based solely on whether it is inside or outside of the ring. An inactive Heat Shield will activate as the ring closes over it. A Heat Shield placed outside of the ring will already be active.

Active Heat Shields

active heat shield
Screenshot via Gamepur

While active, the Heat Shield is at 100% and then damaged over time by the ring. How long the Heat Shield lasts is determined by how powerful the ring is, the round that the Heat Shield is present. While inside an active Heat Shield, all revives will happen 25% faster, even while using Lifeline and her drone heal. All healing items also gain a speed boost inside an active Heat Shield, and thus will only take half the normal time to consume. From Shield Cells and Syringes, all the way up to a Phoenix Kit. This temporary buff is especially helpful when paired with a Legendary Body Shield. Once a Heat Shield’s energy reaches zero, it is destroyed.

Inactive Heat Shields

inactive heat shield
Screenshot via Gamepur

Inactive Heat Shields do not provide players with the revive or healing buff and do not lose energy. They will remain at 100% for their lifetime until a ring crosses over them. If no ring hits an inactive shield for 45 seconds, it will disappear without ever offering its ability. There is no reason to place down a Heat Shield if ring damage isn’t going to be a pretty immediate threat.

Overall, Heat Shields are a little more complex than some other items in the game, but nothing will be too overwhelming once you get used to them.