How to get and use Mighty Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

The secret to your endurance.

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To progress smoothly in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll need to regularly enhance your character’s abilities. Fortunately, there are several consumables in the game that, when used, provide some buff, whether temporary or permanent. Mighty Mushroom is one of these consumables that will permanently increase your endurance when used, making them something you’ll want to keep an eye out for. However, obtaining Mighty Mushroom in the game can be a hassle. If you need some help with either issue, refer to the guide below.

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How to obtain and use Mighty Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

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Mighty Mushrooms are unlike other resources in the game as you can’t find them in the open. Contrary to what many might believe, they can’t be crafted or cooked. If you want to obtain Mighty Mushrooms, you need to unlock certain achievements or get them through exploration rewards.

The more you explore a region, the more exploration points you will accumulate. The exploration points threshold you need to hit in each region to get Mighty Mushroom is mentioned below.

  • Warren- 750 Exploration Points
  • Crown- 765 Exploration Points
  • Navia- 905 Exploration Points
  • Astra- 965 Exploration Points
  • Banges- 1095 Exploration Points

Alternatively, you can earn Mighty Mushrooms through achievement rewards. There are 12 ranks in total that you can achieve, and for climbing each rank, you’ll get a Mighty Mushroom. However, you don’t get a Mighty Mushroom for the last rank, so you can only get 11 in total.

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To use a Mighty Mushroom, simply open your inventory and scroll down until you see Mighty Mushroom. Select the item and press Use to consume it. Each time you consume a Mighty Mushroom, it will increase your max endurance by 50. That’s certainly not an upgrade to scoff at.