How to use the camera in Digimon Survive

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Screenshot by Gamepur

There are sections in Digimon Survive where you’ll need to use a phone camera to track or find items in your environment. However, it’s not totally clear what you need to do when you first get it. Even then, the camera never shows you exactly what you’re looking for, meaning you’re left to your own devices most of the time. This guide explains how to use the camera in Digimon Survive, helping you find everything you need as quickly as possible.

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How to use the camera

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can use the camera whenever the camera icon appears on the top left-hand side of the screen. You’ll have to press the correct button to equip it, which is ZL on the Nintendo Switch, at which point the camera will appear before you. Then, you need to scan the environment for whatever you’re looking for at the time. This varies in each situation you use the camera, but most of the time, you’ll be looking for glitches. These appear as broken pixels or screen tearing on the camera screen. When you’ve found one, focus on it by pressing the action button (A on the Nintendo Switch) and you’ll get a response from the protagonist.

If you’re not getting a response that advances the story when focusing on screen tears with the camera, then you need to find a different one and try focusing there. Quite often the issue is that you’re interacting with the wrong point on the screen or that you need to interact with a different point first. Keep moving around and focusing on these pixels when you see them, and the story will advance to the next scene eventually. You’ll need to do this a lot over the course of the game’s runtime, so get used to seeing this camera screen.