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How to Use the Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved

You'll need some compost if you're out to wrangle some herbivores.

Ark Survival Evolved is a game all about gradually improving your base and surviving in the big, dangerous world of dinosaurs. The game is quite complex, with many tools to aid your survival. There are plenty of ways to play, so much so that you may not even know about all the items you can make to help yourself. For example, if you’re only taming and raising carnivores, you may not even know what a Compost Bin is. But if you have any kind of herbivore, or if you want to become a little more self-sufficient, a Compost Bin is something you’ll have to make eventually. This guide details how to craft and make the most of a Compost Bin.

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Why Are Compost Bins in Ark Survival Evolved Important?

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The Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved is a farming tool you can use to create Fertilizer. The way that you make Fertilizer with a Compost Bin is by using Feces and some Thatch. Creating Fertilizer is essential because while you can just use Feces to bolster your plant-related efforts, Fertilizer is far more effective. If plant turrets are in your future plan for survival, Fertilizer is an essential need that only the Compost Bin can provide. The farther each of your fertilization attempts goes, the better, which makes for far more effective plant turrets that need refilled slots less often.

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How to Craft Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved

If you want to get a Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved, wherever you create your base, be it on the ground or the back of a substantially giant dinosaur, you’ll need to follow the following steps:

  1. Progress to at least Level 15.
  2. Unlock the Storage Box recipe.
  3. Unlock the Engram.
  4. Get 6 Engram points to unlock the Compost Bin’s recipe.
  5. Gather 12x Fiber, 15x Thatch, 50x Wood to craft the Compost Bin.

How To Make The Most of the Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved

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Once you get the Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved, things will go much smoother. The unlocking part was the hardest. To make the most of your newest tool, insert materials and gather up Fertilizer in real-time. To develop Fertilizer, you need 50x Thatch and 3x Feces. After 50 minutes of time in-game, you’ll have one unit of Fertilizer. If you have enough Thatch and Feces to go around, you can put 100x Thatch and 6x Feces in there to produce a maximum passively of 2x Fertilizer. Just note that if you put more material in, you’ll need to move the Fertilizer to storage eventually. The Compost Bin can only hold 2x Fertilizer at a time.

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