How to use the GPS Tracker and complete Waiting in the Wings on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3

Let Grey take you home, 47.


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Waiting in the Wings is a challenge on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3 that requires you to use Grey’s helicopter to exfiltrate. However, the way you do this isn’t clear unless you paid attention during the mission briefing. In fact, it goes against most of the logic taught to you in Hitman 3 so far. This guide explains how to use the GPS Tracker and complete Waiting in the Wings, so you can tick this challenge off your list.

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How to use the GPS Tracker

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You get the GPS Tracker from the start of the mission on Ambrose Island. Grey gives this to you in the cutscene before the mission starts. However, you can’t use the item until you’ve completed every objective. This means you need to kill both targets and render the satellite control unit unusable. Then, regardless of whether you’ve got a Silent Assassin rating or not, you can open your inventory, select the GPS Tracker, and use it.

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Once you’ve used the GPS Tracker, a new icon will appear somewhere on-screen. This is the exfiltration point. You need to find that icon so that Grey can pick you up. The only thing you can see is an icon showing through all the surrounding scenery, so you’ll need to explore a bit before you can get to the actual location. When you near it, you’ll see it lit up in green instead of white.

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The exfiltration point is on the rope bridge. This is the bridge between the military side of Ambrose Island and the pirate shanty town in the middle of the map’s northern edge. You’ll need a military disguise to get there without raising any suspicions. Of course, you could also subdue the three nearby guards and avoid anyone spotting you entirely. Once you arrive, stand underneath the green point and use the GPS Tracker another time to get Grey to fly in and pick Agent 47 up.

How to complete Waiting in the Wings

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The Waiting in the Wings Discovery challenge unlocks automatically if you use the GPS Tracker to leave Ambrose Island. Your instinct will be to look for an exit like the submarine and take it. If you instead use the GPS Tracker, get to the rope bridge, and then exit, you’ll unlock this Discovery in the end of mission screen.