How to use the Time Machine in DogLife – Time Traveler Achievement

Science proves that only dogs can travel through time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

DogLife may be a simulation of the life of a dog in various situations, but that does not mean you can’t have a do-over or two. If something happens in the game that you do not like, you can use the Time Machine to travel back in time, albeit for a small price. Here is how to use the Time Machine in DogLife.

You technically can use the Time Machine anytime you want in DogLife after you have aged them up a little bit. The option becomes available right away in the Activities tab after your first age up after three months and will let you go back to your first day. Additionally, as you continue to age, you will have more options open up for six months and every year. The game will let you know how old your dog was at that time if you want to travel back to it. If your dog dies, you will have one last chance to access the Time Machine and save them from the fate they encountered.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you choose what time to travel back to, you will be prompted to pay 99 cents to the mobile store you are playing the game through. Once the payment goes through, you will be sent back to the day that you chose and can redo your actions and encounters.

Note that the Time Travel feature only works for going back in time. You will not have any chances to reclaim your previous future unless things happen to work out exactly the same as before.