How To Win The Grange Display Contest In Stardew Valley (Full Guide)

Compete and conquer the Grange Display Contest in Stardew Valley by learning the rules, scoring system, and winning strategies.

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Stardew Valley offers a chance to live a simple life, cultivate the land, and make friends with the charming residents of Pelican Town. Still, nothing beats a good competition.

Among the many events and activities in the game, the Stardew Valley Fair stands out. At this annual autumn fair, you can participate in the Grange Display. This competition can earn you star tokens and bragging rights. But winning the Grange Display won’t happen overnight. It requires careful planning and knowledge of the rules and scoring system.

The Grange Display in Stardew Valley, Explained

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The Grange Display takes place every 16th of Fall, and you must showcase up to nine items in various categories to win. To excel in this event, it’s crucial to understand the rules:

  • Points are awarded based on the number of items you enter and the diversity of categories.
  • There are eight categories: animal products, minerals, vegetables, fruits, foraging, flowers, tree saps, fish, cooking, and artisan goods.
  • You should aim to enter items from at least six different categories to maximize your points in this category, resulting in 30 points.
  • To secure first place, you need 100 points, meaning you must earn 70 points from the items you submit.

Grange Display: Best Items for Each Category in Stardew Valley

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To win the Grange Display, select the best possible items of the highest quality. Here’s a breakdown of the best items to bring from each category:

  1. Animal Products: Iridium chicken eggs or milk are excellent choices.
  2. Artisan Goods: Items like goat cheese, honey, and jelly work well. Consider bringing high-quality artisan goods, like Iridium cheese, for extra points.
  3. Cooking: Any cooked food is acceptable. Bread is a simple option, often found around town or received through the mail.
  4. Fish: Go for high-quality fish, like the Legendary Fish. If you can’t catch one, go for an Iridium Catfish. 
  5. Flowers and Foraging Items: Bring any flower or foraging item, such as a Blue Jazz or a Blackberry. Quality matters, so higher-quality items are preferred.
  6. Fruit: If you have access to a fruit cave, bring fruit. Otherwise, melons or hot peppers will do.
  7. Minerals: Any mineral works here, but valuable gems like rubies or diamonds offer more points.
  8. Vegetables: Choose the highest quality vegetable you have, like a pumpkin.

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To win the Grange Display, head to the Stardew Valley fair and place your items in the display. Inform Mayor Lewis that you’re ready for judging. If you’ve followed these tips and selected high-quality items from various categories, you’ll be on your way to earning the coveted first-place prize of 1,000-star tokens and a Star Drop.