Is Ashes of Creation pay to win?

No, you can’t pay your way to the top here.


Image via Ashes of Creation’s YouTube

Ashes of Creation is a unique MMORPG in which the world changes based upon the player’s actions. The game is currently in alpha following a successful Kickstarter campaign but will one day be open for anyone to pick up and play. The one thing everyone wants to know before they put any time into though, is if this game is pay to win. This guide covers everything you need to know about the pricing model used in Ashes of Creation.

Is Ashes of Creation pay to win?

No, this game is not pay to win. By its very nature, it’s impossible to pay your way through any leveling, adventuring, battles, or even to pick up new gear. The game is a non-box purchase title, meaning that you can’t buy a copy of it. Instead, you sign up for the game and get to download it once that process is complete.

There is, however, a subscription fee for Ashes of Creation. At the time of writing, it’s not known what this price will be since only Kickstarter backers can play right now. However, once the game is out, that’s all users will have to pay. There are no loot boxes to purchase for better gear or experience. Unless you put the work in, you won’t improve your character or get better at the game.

Are there be microtransactions in Ashes of Creation?

Yes, Ashes of Creation does contain microtransactions. These are limited to the in-game cosmetic stores. Players can only spend money on cosmetic items at these stores, which have no impact on level, damage, or other stats. There’s no advantage to owning them. This helps to ensure the game is still free of pay to win features.