Is Deltarune Chapter 2 free to play?

The first Chapter was free, is the second one?

Image via Undertale website

After a three-year-long wait, the second chapter for Deltarune is now available to download on Steam and It’s only available for PC at launch. However, Chapter 1 was eventually ported onto the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, so it seems likely the same thing will happen with Chapter 2.

Developed by Undertale’s creator Toby Fox, Deltarune is an RPG game with bullet hell gameplay elements. The game takes inspiration from Undertale, including its art style and certain gameplay tropes. The story of Deltarune focuses on a lone human teen who lives in a world that is filled with monsters. They, and their best friend, get sent to a mysterious place known as the Dark World. Joined by a third member, the protagonist discovers they are destined to save the world.

The first chapter Deltarune was released free on all platforms. Until the release of Chapter 2, it wasn’t known if the rest of the game will be free as well. It turns out Deltatrune Chapter 2 will also be free to download. However, subsequent chapters in Deltarune will not be free.

According to faqs on the official website, more of Deltatrune is planned. But only Chapter 2 has been finished. The website also claims that a save file of Chapter 1 isn’t necessary to play Chapter 2, and the only parts are the story elements from Chapter 1.