Is Digimon Survive in English?

Is it dubbed or only subbed?

Screenshot via Gamepur

Digimon is a Japanese-based franchise, thus it is created to be in Japanese before being released anywhere in the world. When the franchise first made it big in the late 90s, everything released worldwide was at least getting an English dub and translation. When the series’ popularity waned, dubs became increasingly rarer. Digimon World Order was the last known game in the series to get a dub since Digimon Survive, but does that mean Survive has an English dub?

Does Digimon Survive have an English dub?

Screenshot via Gamepur

The audio and voice acting in Digimon Survive are only in Japanese with no English dub. It’s rare for a game like Digimon Survive to gain a full English re-dub. Not only has the popularity of the Digimon franchise waned in the United States and Europe, but Survive is also a visual novel, a niche genre in the Americas, and rarely, if ever, gets full English translation.

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All subtitled languages in Digimon Survive

In the North and South American versions of Digimon Survive, there are four languages for the subtitles— English, French, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish. These languages represented the most commonly spoken dialects in the Americas, including all of North, Central, and South America.

The Portuguese in the game states to be the Brazilian version. There’s a noticeable difference between Portuguese spoken in Brazil and Portuguese spoken in Portugal. Lately, there has been a push by Brazilian gamers to pressure game companies to incorporate a Brazilian Portuguese language option rather than only having normal Portuguese. The inclusion of Brazilian Portuguese will no doubt make a lot of Brazilian players happy. Italian and Garman subtitles are in European versions of Digimon Survive.

How to change the language in Digimon Survive

When you first play Digimon Survive, the game will ask you which language you want. If you decide you changed your mind later on, then you need to exit the game and head back to the title screen. There will be a Language selection for you to pick on the title screen. The Language Selection gives you access to switch languages.