Is Final Fantasy XVI coming to PC? Answered

Previously confirmed, but unclear.

Image via PlayStation Youtube

Final Fantasy XVI is set to launch for PlayStation 5 on June 22. The game is extremely anticipated and has been in development for quite some time now. When the title was originally announced, the reveal trailer included the words “the following footage is captured on PC emulating the PS5 experience” and also had a footnote at the end stating it would be available for PC as well. Since then, not much information has been reported on the PC version of the game, and many signs have pointed to Square Enix wanting players to forget what they saw. Here’s all we know about whether or not Final Fantasy XVI is coming to PC.

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Is FFXVI also releasing on PC?

Final Fantasy XVI is a six-month limited-time exclusive title for PlayStation 5. This means that it cannot release on any other console for a specific period following its launch on PS5. Game director Naoki Yoshida has stated that a PC release is possible, but it will not be in 2023. Many fans have speculated that FFXVI will launch for PC six months after its PlayStation release, but this information has been officially denied.

Square Enix has done the same thing with past titles, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which did eventually come out for PC as well. Yoshida wants to make sure that the title’s gameplay is accessible to as many fans as possible, but has clarified that the team would not be ready to release this year even if they spent a lot of time and money optimizing it the moment it launched for PS5 in June.

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Yoshida has suggested that those who truly want to experience the game soon purchase it for PlayStation 5. Square Enix wants to commit Final Fantasy XVI to other platforms eventually, but it is still up in the air when and if the game will release on PC.