Don’t worry about Final Fantasy XVI delays — Square Enix says the release date is solid

A breath of fresh air lately.

Image via PlayStation YouTube

Final Fantasy XVI has been confirmed for a June 22 release on PlayStation 5. Most gamers nowadays, however, have become jaded with definitive release dates and anticipate last-minute delays for triple-A titles. Square Enix has just come off of hosting an interview preview session for FFXVI, and it assured fans that they are all in on the summer release date, citing that there is little to no chance of the title not launching as intended.

During a press event in New York, Polygon reports that game director Naoki Yoshida said that Final Fantasy XVI will not be delayed unless a meteor falls on Japan. While stranger things have happened in the world lately, this does seem like a solid assurance that the game is on track and ready to go.

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Many highly-anticipated games have already received last-minute delays this year, including Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Skull and Bones. Square Enix is no stranger to major delays as well, with Final Fantasy XV and the VII Remake being delayed before launch. Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion was also moved by two weeks at the last second, which Yoshida had to announce himself. He seemed extremely emotional over having to delay the game, and his certainty for Final Fantasy XVI is a heart-warming thing to see.

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Final Fantasy XVI was revealed back in 2020, and the tentative release period bounced around until it was solidified as June 22 this year. It is still up in the air if the title will also release on PC at a later date, though it was previously announced and dialed back. It is a rare treat to see a developer commit wholeheartedly to no delays, so here’s hoping a comet doesn’t ruin the mood.