Is Fortnite Creative down right now? How to check Fortnite Creative server status

Epic Games provides several ways to see if the game is up-and-running.

Image via Epic Games

Oddly enough, there will be times when only certain modes inside Fortnite face bugs that stop players from entering into lobbies. This especially goes for Fortnite Creative, as server outages will prevent players from going into Creative’s main hub or playing certain creations. Luckily, there are multiple ways to see if the Creative mode is currently down or if it may be the fault of your internet.

Is Fortnite Creative server down?

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Check Fortnite Support Twitter account

The first thing any Fortnite Creative player should do when experiencing trouble with entering into the mode is by checking the official Fortnite Status Twitter account. The account will send messages as soon as any server issues are discovered. In addition, it will also make players aware of when the game may soon undergo any sort of maintenance that could prevent them from logging in.

Check Epic Games’ server status webpage

Secondly, the developer also allows players to keep track of each of the game’s functions with its server status webpage. This page displays all of the game’s services, from voice chat to even matchmaking, and will always indicate whether any of these are temporarily down. If Fortnite Creative is experiencing an outage, the Game Services and Matchmaking categories will show a “Partial Outage” status.

Ensure your internet connection is strong and online

Maybe most importantly, it is always best to see if you can enter and play any of the game’s other online modes, such as Battle Royale. If the servers are said to be up and running but you are unable to log in, chances are, your internet connection may be the cause of the issue. In that case, you’ll need to ensure your router and modem are in good health before consulting Fortnite’s dedicated support chat.